How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company

10 Must-Know Tips for Picking the Perfect Pest Control Service

How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company

Looking to kick pesky insects, rodents, or wildlife to the curb? Dealing with unwelcome critters is no fun, and finding the reputable pest control company can make all the difference.

After years helping homeowners wipe out creepy-crawly problems, we’ve put together our ultimate list of top ten tips for finding fantastic pest control services:

1. Ask Family and Friends First

Your friends and neighbors can share firsthand stories of their experiences. Learning from other people’s successes (and failures!) cuts down research time.

  • Who do they recommend?
  • Did a company eliminate the issue?
  • Were there any problems working with a provider?

Gather referrals within your community. Folks nearby likely deal with similar pest infestations as you do. Word-of-mouth is valuable during the search process!

2. Check Online Reviews

In today’s digital age, tons of previous customers detail interactions with pest control companies on the internet. Sift through these experiences before contacting a provider:

Google Reviews: Overview of star ratings is key here. Does the company have at least 4 out of 5 stars overall? This indicates most clients leave happy. But also read the actual reviews. Sort by low-to-high star ratings to catch any glaring issues from dissatisfied patrons.

Facebook Reviews: Along with star ratings, comments often detail what they liked (or didn’t) about their experience. Look out for how the company interacts with reviewers too. Do they listen, apologise for mistakes, or get defensive?

BBB Profile: Check ratings and complaint details on the Better Business Bureau website. A+ BBB accredited services tend to be more reliable.

3. Verify Credentials Completely

Reputable technicians hold proper licensing, liability coverage, and training. Following rules and regulations is vital when applying harsh pesticides in your home. Before booking, validate:

  • Local business valid license
  • General liability insurance
  • Staff licenses/certificates

Calling your state regulatory board also checks whether certifications are current. It only takes a few minutes to perform these basic background checks for peace of mind.

Table Comparing Provider Background Items

Credential Valid?
Business License Yes/No
Financial Protection Plan Yes/No
Staff Licenses Yes/No

4. Ask About Specialised Experience

A termite infestation causing damage requires different expertise than mice removal. Make sure the company has extensive experience addressing your pesky problem:

“How long have your technicians dealt with [type of pest issue] scenarios? What’s your success rate with similar cases?”

Targets killed on the first attempt should fall between 85-100%, demonstrating advanced skills. Seek out tailored knowledge for your unique situation.

5. Score Free In-Home Inspections

On-site evaluations allow pros to uncover the root of issues and craft custom action plans. Quality and experienced companies offer inspections at no cost:

  • Inspect both inside and outdoors to find entry points
  • Pinpoint exactly which pests you’re handling
  • Design a treatment plan meeting your needs

Price quotes should also come free of charge based on tailored recommendations. Beware of any fees upfront—that signals trouble down the road!

6. Discuss Treatment Methods Thoroughly

Pest control involves a range of techniques from bait traps to scheduled spraying. Chat with pros to gauge comfort levels using various methods in your home. Key questions include:

  • What products and methods do you use?
  • Do they prefer natural or strong chemicals? Why?
  • When/how often will they need to access the property?

Understanding the action plan ahead gives confidence in the process. Speak up if a suggested approach seems off.

7. Review Guarantees and Terms Of Service

Reputable companies stand firmly behind services, but policies differ. Look into:

Service Guarantees: If pests return quickly, will they address issues again free or discounted? For 30, 60, or 90 days?

Payment/Cancellation: When is payment due—upfront, installment plans, only once the job is complete? What if you cancel last minute?

Renewal/Maintenance: Can they create ongoing maintenance plans? Under what terms?

Ask for sample contracts in advance to fully grasp commitments from both sides before signing your name.

8. Evaluate Their Website

A company’s online presence provides insight into their professionalism:

Responsiveness —Do they offer online contact forms, chat bots, etc. making it easy to get questions answered?

Service List —Detailing all pests and customer services (inspections, proofing, cleaning, etc) handled shows extensive capabilities.

Team Page —Bios on staff technicians prove commitment to custom service.

Blog/Resources —Educational content spotlights dedication to the field itself.

Well-designed websites displaying these elements reflect positively on the business as a whole.

9. Ask About Eco-Friendly Options

Eco-conscious services use natural pesticides over toxic chemicals when suitable. This sustainable method benefits your home and the environment. See if they offer:

  • Essential oil-based treatments
  • Targeted application only where necessary
  • Prevention-focused techniques for sealing cracks and entry points

An Earth-friendly approach appeals if you value green living too!

10. Trust Your Gut Instinct

At the end of the day, you’ll interact closely with pest control pros in your personal space. The perfect service provider has competence backed by comfort and care:

  • Were they friendly and transparent from your initial phone call?
  • Did they listen more than talk during consultations?
  • Could you easily communicate needs or concerns?

10 Must-Know Tips for Picking the Perfect Pest Control Service


Finding service technicians you genuinely trust ensures peace of mind during the elimination process—and long after it as well.

When pesky insects, wildlife, or rodents invade your space, don’t just settle for the first pest control company you find online.

Thoroughly evaluate providers using these insider tips first. Understanding exactly what to ask sets you up for satisfaction getting rid of uninvited critters once and for all!