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As one of the best leading commercial pest control companies in Australia, Eco Pest Control Melbourne is committed to supporting your business with effective pest management. We provide comprehensive pest control services for multisite and single businesses across Australia. Our industry-leading commercial pest management services will protect your business and your brand’s reputation.

With over 10 years tackling pest issues, we know all the best ways to send them packing.

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The Process

Our simple yet proven process quickly and safely rids your business of uninvited guests in just a few steps:

  1. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect all areas of your premises to identify unwanted pest entry points and activity hotspots.
  2. Identification: Next we correctly identify the pest species to tailor the best treatment plan. We know how to handle it all – rodents, cockroaches, flies, ants, and more.
  3. Recommendation: We advise on fixes like sanitation and exclusion tactics alongside our chemical spray and bait treatments for long term prevention through our integrated pest management (IPM).
  4. Treatment: Our highly trained technicians get to work quickly treating current infestations and setting preventive measures. We use fast-acting, effective products approved for commercial use.
  5. Follow Up: We schedule follow up visits to check in, monitor progress, and retreat if needed. We stand by our work with our satisfaction guarantee.

Why Regular Pest Control Is Important For Businesses 

  • Protect Your Employees and Reputation 

In the warm Australian climate, protecting your customer and reputation should be your priority. If left unchecked, pests in the workplace can pose serious health risks. For example, it will disrupt your daily function and decrease productivity. Apart from this, your business or organization can also face severe regulatory fines that will ultimately damage the company’s reputation.

Since each business is unique, we have tailored solutions that will fit your circumstances and objectives. Our commercial pest control solutions cater to large and small organizations. Regardless, we can create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Pest Control Melbourne

  • Protect Your Customers 

They come in different types and sizes – and they all carry diseases that will spread through the whole business. Some insects and rodents can spread viruses that will require extensive treatment. For a restaurant, it can even be more daunting.

Our pest control specialist is fully licensed to resolve commercial pest infestation issues. Not only this but we are fully insured – hence, you can rest, assured that no harm will come to your business. Some of the properties we manage include:


Individual owners are most responsible for maintaining their units. However, as a strata property manager, you are still responsible for the property’s pest control. If left unchecked, common issues will quickly turn into major problems that can result in expensive and extensive damages.

Our proper pest management plan delivers safe and effective pest control. We have extensive experience working with strata managers, and we can draw up preventive home protection plans to save your time and money down the road.


A pest-free environment is crucial to a business. For your staff, you must prioritize their health and keep productivity at an all-time high. For customers, business partners, and associates, you must present a delightful corporate image worthy of transacting with.

Eco Pest Control Melbourne uses specialized techniques and urban pest control solutions to ensure that you are staff and visitors are protected. We offer a robust solution that your business can choose from to protect itself from the risks pest infestation can bring about.

Retail Shops 

Densely populated retail stores are vulnerable to pests. Continuous delivery, an influx of customers, and full storage areas provide the ideal place for pests to hide. Regardless, we have designed solutions to reduce risk, protect your stock, and promote good hygiene.

Our certified technicians provide effective pest control solutions that allow you to meet standard operating procedures.

Shopping Centres 

When you have a center that caters to different items and multiple visitors in a day, you can’t leave anything to chance. However, we understand the challenges of assessing and controlling risks associated with a complex supply chain. This is why we deliver innovative solutions and new technologies through next-generation products and services to proactively manage risks and ensure safety in shopping centers.


A viral TikTok video of large rats scurrying down the walls of Popeyes – a DC restaurant, forced health officials to shut down the restaurant. Would you like to wait until something like this happens to you or will you do something about it?

We understand that food is an unstable compound to work with as it can be affected by bacteria during any stage of production. Even with stringent sanitation rules, an outbreak can still happen. However, at Eco Pest Control Melbourne, we understand the risks you face and can provide preventive safety measures to find existing pests and eradicate them.

Schools and Universities 

As an educational institution, your students and staff must come first. In other words, you have a responsibility to provide a clean, safe, and enjoyable learning environment. However, pests will soon become a nuisance in your educational facilities if you don’t do something.

We support small, densely populated, multi-unit, and remote schools. By implementing advanced pest control solutions, we can detect, capture, and exterminate pests. We work proactively to keep the learning environment free from pests and safe without health implications.


Children are fragile; hence, deserve absolute protection from pest infestation. Healing centers, hospitals, and schools cater to children, who are likely to contract a disease since they spend a long period in such places. At Eco Pest Control Melbourne, we prioritize controlling pests and preventing infestations that can contaminate surfaces, equipment, and supplies. With our experts, you can create the best environment for children.


Pest control is an active part of the hospitality sector. To ensure customer satisfaction, hotels must deal with their pest issues without drawing too much attention to such activities. As a leading expert in pest control and management, Eco Pest Control Melbourne delivers high-level protection against pests. Not only this, but we use discreet and unobtrusive approaches that won’t affect your normal business.


Public spaces are no strangers to pest infestation. These areas attract the most infestation and support pest colonies. Since the government has a zero-tolerance policy for pest problems, we help the government and local councils provide enjoyable, safe, and clean public spaces where the community can live, play and work.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Food Safe Compliant
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Control Infestations Efficiently
  • Budget-Friendly Services with Additional Treatments
  • Top-Caliber Service from Professionals
  • Commercial Pest Management Reporting
  • Committed to Providing Quality Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Affordable Pricing

Commercial and Industrial Pest Treatments

What We Offer

  • Detailed Inspection of Insects and Pests
  • Customised Termite Management Programs
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Treatment of Established Buildings and Warehouses
  • Complete Yard Control
  • Termite Barriers by Termidor
  • Termite Baiting by Sentricon

Our Service Areas

  • Central Suburbs
  • Melbourne CBD
  • Inner City -Soiuth Yarra, Prahran, Richmond, Essendon, Collingwood
  • Eastern Suburbs and South East
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Western Suburbs
  • Mornington Peninsula

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