Termite Inspections Melbourne

Termite Inspection Melbourne

Termites eat away wood in Melbourne homes every year. This causes lots of damage and costs homeowners millions of dollars to fix. According to CSIRO, 1 out of 3 Australian homes will get termites. But people often don’t know until the bugs already ruined things. Insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. So it’s smart to take steps to find and stop them early.

Termites are all over Victoria, including Melbourne. A professional inspection can spot if your home has termites before they destroy too much. Inspections show if you have termites and how bad it is. Then you can get right and effective termite treatment. Catching it early means less repairs later. Our inspectors check inside and outside wood for 2 to 4 hours. Eco Pest Control Melbourne has over 10 years beating termites in Victorian homes. Our Melbourne termite inspections help protect your valuable house.

Seeing any signs like hollow wood? Call us today to schedule an inspection. We help safeguard your home from expensive termite destruction.

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What is a Termite Inspection?

Termite inspection checks if your home, apartment or commercial building has wood-destroying pests. Specially trained inspectors look closely at all the wood parts inside and out. They are sneaky and they chomp away in hiding. An inspection helps find them before they make big damage.

Termite Inspectors check places like:

  • Floors, walls
  • Doors and window frames
  • Fences and landscaping
  • Trees and stumps

It takes 2 to 4 hours to cover everything at risk for termite damage. We use tools like a moisture meter and Termatrac machine. After looking at all areas, we give a full report. It says if you have termites right now and how bad it is. The report also talks about future termite risks. Then you can act fast to kill them before they destroy your valuable property.

Types Of Termite Inspections

We offer two kinds of inspections to check your property for termites.

Standard Termite Inspections are for homeowners worried about damage. We thoroughly examine your home for signs of the bugs. This shows if you have a termite infestation now and how to stop it.

Pre Purchase Pest Inspections are for buying a home. We check for termites plus other pests so you know problems before paying. Knowing risks upfront prevents nasty surprises later.

Both inspections are detailed. We scout interior rooms, outside areas, crawl spaces, yards, and more looking for destructive insects. You get a full report on the current state of pests plus future risks. Our regular inspections give total confidence when buying or protecting your biggest investment.

What Are the Signs of Termites?

Do You Suspect Termites?

Wondering if those tiny holes or soft floors mean you have termites? It’s important not to break open damaged wood you find. That makes them flee and chew elsewhere. Instead, call us right away at 03 8595 9880. Our customer service will help guide your next steps. We can send an inspector to check for bugs and damage. We’ll explain everything we find in an easy to understand way. Then we’ll customize the best treatment to eliminate termites in your home if needed. Catching them early prevents these pests from spreading and destroying more of your valuable property. Trust our decades of experience in termite solutions.

What Are the Signs of Termites?

Damaged Timber

Wood that is hollow, bubbles, or sounds empty could have termite activity going on inside it. Our inspectors check carefully for any problem spots.


Seeing swarms of winged termites come out means big nests live on your property. The bugs spread to make new colonies and cause more damage.

Mud Tunnels

Little brown mud tubes going up walls or posts mean termites built tunnels to move safely. The tunnels protect them as they go eat more of your wood.

Piles of Wings

After swarms fly away, piles of dropped wings collect below. Finding them outside or by windows points to an active infestation.

We check all these signs plus feel wood for soft spots. We also use special tools to uncover termites. Call today if anything seems off to confirm if your home has become an all-you-can-eat termite buffet!

Don't Risk Your Home To Termite Attack

Termite Protection: Prevention Tips

There are simple steps you can take to make your home less inviting to termite attacks:

  1. Get rid of scrap wood piled on the ground. This gives them a free meal ticket.
  2. Take out any landscape timbers or wood retaining walls. Replace with concrete slab, stone or metal materials termites can’t munch through.
  3. Clear plant beds and thick vegetation far from house vents or weep holes. This shuts off their sneaky access inside.
  4. Ensure house vents let plenty of air flow under so no moist environment where termites thrive.
  5. Stop moisture problems like leaky pipes right away. Termites love dampness. Fixing leaks helps keep them out.
  6. Install overflow drain pipes to redirect water tank, AC and hot water leaks away from the home’s foundation. Even small amounts of excess moisture make termites feel welcome.
  7. Get under-home areas raised up on poles or metal stands so air circulates underneath.
  8. Schedule exterior inspections with us every 6-12 months. Finding termites early controls timber damage.

Call Eco Pest Control to ask for more tips about preventative measures for fortifying your property against termite invasion!

Our Termite Inspection Service

We meet Australia’s official standards for finding termites. A licensed technician does a full visual hunt for damage outside and inside your home. We use the best tools like Termatrac radar and a moisture reader.

Areas Our Inspector Checks:

  • Roof and attic
  • Under the home
  • Inside: floors, baseboards, doors, etc
  • Outside: fences, plants, stumps
  • 50 meters around the property

We poke around trees, walls, and crawl spaces looking for:

  • Tunnels
  • Hollow damaged wood
  • Mud patching
  • Damp areas
  • Chewed up materials

You get a report mapping all risks and fixes needed to protect your property. We explain it plainly with repair options. Over 10 years experience with live termite demos means we catch all signs of attack. Trust our elite Melbourne inspection you can’t afford to skip.

Our Special Detection Gear

We use cutting-edge tools to spot termites:

  • Termatrac – this radar gun detects movement in walls.
  • Borescope – a camera on a flexible cord looks into tiny spaces.
  • Moisture Metres – scan wood for hidden dampness inviting termites.
  • Probe Tools – check deep into materials for bug tunneling.

Our arsenal of professional grade technology means we gather more detail. We find termites other inspectors might miss. You get the most complete scan available to know your true risk.

Termite Inspection Reports

Why Termite Inspection Reports Matter

The comprehensive report we provide after examining your property is hugely important. It confirms whether termites are destroying wood or not. Detailed notes map all problem zones, risk spots for future attack and steps to guard vulnerable areas against the destructive pests. You also get custom treatment suggestions if bugs are active now.

We deliver this vital termite status report onsite right after finishing. You’ll know immediately how safe your property is. Having a file documenting your home’s inspection helps big time when selling. Want total termite consciousness? Our reports map your defense blueprint.


How much are termite inspections?

Our inspections start from $250 for a full property scan. Final cost depends on size and access issues. Call for an exact quote.

What do termites look like?

Most Australian termites are pale, soft-bodied insects less than 1cm long. They avoid light and bore deep into wood to feed. You usually just see the damage they cause.

How do you get rid of termites?

Special termite extermination treatments applied by licensed pros like us kill them. Fumigation tents or targeted liquids/gels used correctly work well when done thoroughly.

Do termites fly?

Yes, in spring and summer, mature colonies release swarms of winged termites to reproduce and start new nests. Seeing flying termites means you have active hives nearby.

How big are termites?

Most measure between 2 to 8 millimeters – quite tiny! But don’t be fooled – whole colonies can eat through giant logs and destroy homes.

What do termites eat?

Termites consume wood, wood products and some plant roots for cellulose. These home wrecking pests love feeding on building materials. Their menus cost Australians millions in damages yearly.

Call today to schedule your regular termite inspection and gain peace of mind!

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years finding termites locally
  • Eliminated them from tens of thousands of homes
  • 100% detection success rate
  • Highly trained termite inspectors
  • Use latest tools like Termatrac radar
  • Give simple action plans anyone can follow
  • Save you money stopping damage early
  • Family owned company that cares

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