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The Risks of Bees

Bees play a vital role in nature by pollinating flowers and making honey. But a swarm near your home or business presents a clear safety risk. Getting stung hurts and for some people, even one sting can make them very sick. That’s why you should call us right away if you see a swarm on your property.

Our friendly team has over 10 years of experience removing bee nests in the Melbourne area. Bees like to build them in hidden places like hollow trees, wall voids, and roof spaces.

Trying to get rid of it yourself will likely anger the bees. They may swarm out and attack. So it’s very important to leave the area and call a professional instead.

We use techniques that are fast, effective and do not harm nature. Our courteous technicians wear special thick suits and masks so they can work safely very close to them. We’ll come inspect the problem and take care of the bees for you.

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Dangers Of Bees

They can be helpful in nature, but they can also pose danger. A single bee sting is painful and for some individuals, even one sting can trigger a severe reaction. Swelling, breathing difficulty, paralysis, or even death can happen from allergic reactions to bee venom.

Pets Put Themselves At Risk Near Bee Nests

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, but their natural curiosity can get them into trouble. It’s very common for pets like dogs and cats to investigate new things in their environment, including nests and swarms. Unfortunately, even one sting to the nose or paws is extremely painful and can cause severe swelling for a pet. Multiple stings pose an even greater health risk. Some pets have died tragically due to allergic reactions from stings. So it’s crucial to keep all pets completely away from areas where you suspect bee activity.

What To Do If You Have Bee Infestation

If they setup a nest on your property, it’s vital not to disturb them yourself. Aggravating bees will cause them to angrily swarm in defense! Instead follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Leave the area at once and keep people/pets away
  2. Call our bee experts immediately for treatments
  3. We’ll safely remove the nest without harming nature

Our Services

Here are your bee control options:

  • Remove & relocate the nest or swarm
  • Destroy the nest
  • Apply pesticides
  • Use protective netting
  • Regular maintenance


Do you need a permit to keep bees in Victoria?

Beekeeping in Victoria may be done without a planning permit, provided the activity meets the Code of Practice for Apiary Code requirements. These rules dictate the number of allowable hives and their placement on a property to avoid issues. If a beekeeper cannot satisfy the requirements, they must obtain a permit from their local council first.

How to Keep Bees Out of Your Yard

  1. Bee loves flower scents. Spraying sweet perfumes or lotions brings more around. Use lightly scented or unscented products outdoors.
  2. Strong odors from oils like lavender, cinnamon and lemon deter them. Place cotton balls with these in your yard.
  3. Keep drink cups and food covered. Spills are bee magnets.
  4. Bright colors draw attention. Pick muted shades for yard decorations, umbrellas, and cushions.
  5. Hats protect faces and heads if they get close. Floppy brims work best.
  6. Low-growing plants like clover attract fewer than tall flowers. Adjust gardens to have more shrubs and grass.
  7. Regularly check for sticky nests forming on fences, roof eaves and tree branches. Call professionals immediately to remove before large colonies move in.

How much does it cost to get rid of bees in Melbourne?

The cost for professional bee removal and extermination in the Melbourne area typically ranges from $150 to $500 AUD or more in some cases. The exact bee control price depends on factors like location of the nest, size of the bee colony, how entrenched the nest is, and if extermination is necessary.

How much does it cost to get rid of bees in Melbourne?

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