Customer Testimonials

Eco Pest Control Melbourne is not just the best because we think we are the best. We are the absolute best because our customers says so. We prioritize feedback from our customers since we rely on their reviews to impress each of our clients. If you would like to advise us or join our list of happy customers, please visit to submit your contact form. Below are a few testimonials from our clients.  

Wade Nielsen – Southbank  

I cringe whenever I see spiders. Since I couldn’t bring myself to spray them, my sister called Eco Pest Control Melbourne since she used them. The guys that came over were especially brave, fast, and professional. You are a lifesaver.  

Darren Brad – Docklands 

Thank you Lorrie who first identified the issue during the first inspection. She was thorough and didn’t leave anything to chance. During the treatment, the team took the pain to explain the entire process and were extremely professional and courteous. The office has also kept us informed on bait maintenance and will be visiting soon.  

Evelyn Bright- Flemington  

When the crew came over, they reduced the price they initially quoted for me over the phone as there wasn’t much work to be done. Thank you for saving my bucks.  

Coghlan Morrison – East Melbourne  

We have always carried out quarterly inspections for our home until last year when we all traveled out of the country. Not surprisingly, one of our kids spotted live ants around the property some days ago. Our next-door neighbor gave eco pest control high praise, and we thought to try them out. Since the team sprayed our property a few days ago, we have not seen any ants since then – and we have been looking. Awesome jobs y’all.  

Karen Weathers – Parkville  

The technician didn’t just help us with nasty cockroaches, they gave helpful tips for keeping them under control. My kitchen area says thank you.  

 Nicole Hastrom – Kensington  

I tried to treat ants digging up sand from under my bricks to no avail. Whatever solution I seemed to come up with wouldn’t last a few days. It has been three months since Eco Pest Control Melbourne treated my home, and so far, no ant in sight. I waited this long to write a review, and I am glad it means something to you too. Thank you.  

Peter Brown – South Yarra  

I have a rental home somewhere in Carlton. Eco pest control treated the home for live termites, and the tenants told me they were efficient, friendly, and got rid of all the aliens. Good job.  

Taylor Summers- North Melbourne  

I would rate your team 6-stars if I could. Fantastic service. My whole employees are impressed and happy to be free from squeaky rats.  

Ed Hall – West Melbourne  

The entire process, from speaking to the reception to the actual inspection was easy. The admin girl communicated well over the phone, and the team identified our pest problems without much probing. The treatment was also considerate as our pets didn’t have any trouble much after they left.  

Laura Carter – Port Melbourne  

We booked our annual treatment last month, and as usual, we were impressed. We have always used Eco Pest Control Melbourne and will continue to do so. Truly an outstanding and professional company.  

Deborah – Reservoir

They came and treated my whole house, reinforcing entry points and clearing out the termites. I’ve had no issues since and feel much more comfortable in my home.

Sam – Coburg

They arrived on time and took care of my spider infestation quickly and effectively. I haven’t seen a web in weeks!

Madeline – Fitzroy

No more ant trails across countertops or complaints from customers. Well worth the investment.

Farah – Altona

Their inspection found nesting spots I never would have and their treatment completely ended the roach problem. My home feels clean and livable again thanks to their prompt and discreet service.

Dean – Warranwood

Their environmental approach kept students and staff safe. More importantly, their thoroughness and professionalism left us pest-free.

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