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Silverfish Control

Worried about silverfish? If you have a silverfish problem we can help. Our team offers effective silverfish pest control solutions that get rid of the problem fast.

Silverfish are attracted to warm, damp places in your home to hide, such as behind furniture, in bookshelves, or in kitchens and basements. They also look for safe corners where they can lay their eggs undisturbed. Silverfish feed on fibers, sugars, fabrics, grains, dried goods, pet food, pasta, and other starchy foods.

An infestation can mean costly damage to your home and valuables. But there’s no need to worry. Our safe silverfish control experts are here to help!

We use IPM techniques to get rid of silverfish for good. This includes sanitation methods to remove their food sources. We also apply targeted insecticide sprays in cracks and crevices where they hide. Plus offer helpful prevention tips. For your peace of mind, we always use eco-friendly, pet-safe products so your family stays safe.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all silverfish treatments. We stand behind our work. If silverfish return between treatments, we’ll come back out free of charge.

Don’t live with a silverfish infestation another day!

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What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that tend to live in dark, damp areas. They get their name from their silvery, metallic appearance and fish-like movements. There are over 20 species of silverfish, with the two most common in Melbourne homes being the common silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) and the firebrat silverfish (Thermobia domestica).

These silvery insects have long, flat, tapered bodies, measuring around 12-15 millimeters (0.5-0.6 inches) long when fully grown. They have two long antennas and three tail-like appendages. Their bodies are covered in scales of fine hairs that give them a silvery shine. Silverfish can live for 2-8 years.

The Risks of Silverfish

While they don’t bite humans, silverfish can still cause property damage in your home. They feed starch, dextrin, or protein. Items include flour, paper products, photos, glue, sugar, cereals, and more. An advanced silverfish infestation can ruin books, documents, clothing, bathroom products and other household items containing these materials. These silverfish can leave behind skin casts, droppings, and a musty odor. They can also contaminate food sources. Their droppings may trigger allergies and asthma in some people.

Signs of Infestation

  • Tiny holes in paper, books and clothing
  • Silverfish droppings that look like coffee grounds
  • Molted silverfish skin casings
  • Sightings of the insects, especially at night
  • Tiny yellowish specks that could be eggs or excrement
  • Starchy debris from your belongings around baseboards, closets and corners

How to Control Silverfish

  • Deny access to food – glue, paper, starch in kitchen
  • Remove clutter and cardboard from damp areas
  • Fix leaks and seal cracks
  • Reduce humidity levels below 50%
  • Vacuum and clean thoroughly
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry out problem areas
  • Apply silica dusts or diatomaceous earth in cracks
  • Use insecticide sprays in targeted areas

What to Do If You Still Have a Problem

If DIY silverfish treatment methods aren’t working consider hireing a pro. Our silverfish removal experts can inspect, identify the infestation, and treat the problem areas. Wer use professional-grade insecticides, and prevent future invasions. The faster you take action, the less damage these pests can do.

Our Services

  • Inspect and Treat
  • Safe Methods for Kids and Pets
  • Follow-up visit
  • Structural mods to deter pests
  • Wall void foaming
  • Moisture control

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years experience
  • Fully licensed by VIC Health
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  • Using latest products and methods
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible booking times
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  • Effective long-term solutions
  • Prevention Tips and Advice
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Our Locations

We service residential and commercial clients with silverfish problems across metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, including:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner North and West
  • Stonnington and Port Phillip
  • Yarra Area
  • Bayside
  • Inner South Suburbs

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