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Dealing with wasps can be scary. Their stings hurt a lot! If you see a wasp around your home, call us right away. We are Melbourne wasp control experts. We get rid of wasps safely.

Wasps build nests near homes. They can be in trees, bushes, sheds, under roof spaces, and other sneaky spots. It is hard to find them. But our team knows how. We have helped people with wasp invasions for over 10 years. We use special products that keep your family and pets safe. The products we use are good for nature too.

Getting rid of a wasp problem takes skill. Our licensed technicians are well trained. We can come the same day you call us to take a look. We will find the nest quickly and know how to remove it. And we can also stop them from coming back.

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Why Are Wasps Considered Pests?

Wasps are considered nuisance pests for several reasons. For one, they have painful stings that can cause allergic reactions in some people. They are also very aggressive, especially when protecting their nests. They will sting repeatedly when threatened which increases the risk of severe reaction. People who are allergic can go into anaphylactic shock from just one or two stings, which is a life-threatening health emergency. Furthermore, they like to build nests on properties, which can be inconvenient and hazardous.

If you have young children or pets, a wasp nest poses dangers. They also forage for food, which includes scavenging human meals left outdoors and damaging ripe fruits and vegetables in gardens. For all these reasons, it is best to keep them away from areas around your house. Allowing them to multiply will only cause more problems over time. Treating wasp infestations properly is key to avoiding costly medical treatments.

Common Wasp Species Around Melbourne, Victoria

Common Species

Several species of wasps are frequently found around Melbourne homes and business buildings. Some of the most common include:

  • Paper wasps: These build distinctive umbrella-shaped gray paper nests in protected areas like under eaves.
  • European wasp: Aggressive insect that build large nests holding up to 1,000 wasps. Often found in voids.
  • English wasp: Closely related to European and just as violent with similarly large nests.
  • Yellow jackets: These build tan papery nests in the ground or wall cavities. They can contain thousands.
  • European hornets: Build football-sized nests that house up to 700 members. Very hostile.

They have painful wasp stings and swarm to attack if their home is bothered. Their nests also spread easily. Preventing issues means getting professional wasp control services.

How We Treat Wasp

At Eco Pest Control, we use an effective four-step process to eradicate wasp problems. We can provide reliable wasp removal services to make your property free of these dangerous pests.

1. Inspection

The first step is a thorough inspection of your property. We need to locate all wasp nests and identify what type you are dealing with. Tracking flight paths allows us to pinpoint locations. We also estimate the size of the infestation. Understanding the extent of the wasp issue allows us to customise the best treatment methods.

2. Customised Treatment Plan

No two wasp situations are exactly alike, so we tailor plans to your specific infestation. Depending on factors like wasp species, locations, and population size, we select the right tools and methods to eliminate them. Plans outline the insecticides, removal processes, protective equipment, and cleanup procedures we will use for maximum effectiveness.

3. Extermination

Once you approve the plan, we swing into action. Our techs use spray insecticides formulated specifically for wasp to kill inhabitants. We may also employ non-chemical treatments like vacuuming. If needed, we carefully remove wasp nests and debris. The goal is to wipe out the entire wasp population on your property.

4. Prevention Tips

To help keep wasps from returning to your property after elimination, we provide prevention recommendations.

Here are some helpful prevention tips we recommend:

  • Install fine screens on all vents, chimneys, and openings to keep them from entering
  • Seal any cracks, holes, or crevices they could use to get inside or build hives
  • Keep the yard free of piles of wood, mulch, rocks, and other nesting sites
  • Promptly clean up fallen tree fruit, compost piles, pet food scraps, and trash
  • Maintain plants by pruning back vegetation touching buildings
  • Cover exposed skin and food when eating outdoors
  • Inspect the property regularly for signs of new wasp

Taking these preventative measures encourages wasps to look elsewhere to start again. But even with precautions, nests sometimes get established, so call us at the first sight of wasps.

Facts About Wasp

Facts About Wasp

Wasp has some very interesting biology and behaviors that are important to understand. Here are key facts about these infamous stinging insects:

  • Only female wasps can sting. Males do not have stingers. The aggressive stinger is used as a defense tactic when they get disturbed.
  • They are very beneficial predators that hunt pest insects like flies, caterpillars and spiders. This helps control garden and crop pests naturally.
  • A single colony can contain hundreds or even thousands of individual wasps during peak seasons. The queen lays eggs while the workers expand and maintain the nest.
  • Wasps chew wood and plant fibers to construct water-resistant nests made of papery material. These wasp nests have hexagonal-shaped brooding cells for housing larvae and pupae.
  • Not all wasps produce large nesting group. Solitary wasps lead more independent lives while seeking meal and nesting space.
  • Wasps can be identified from bees by their hairless, smooth bodies and skinnier waists. They also have more predatory feeding habits compared to pollen-gathering bees.

Understanding wasp biology and habits allows pest control experts to track and safely eliminate them from properties when necessary.


How much does it cost to remove wasps in Melbourne?

Wasp control cost in Melbourne ranges from $120-$300 on average, depending on nest size, location, type of wasp, and level of infestation. Larger or difficult to access cost more.

Why are there so many wasps in Victoria?

The conditions in Victoria are ideal for certain invasive kinds like European wasps to thrive. The temperate climate combined with ample food sources from orchards, farms, parks, and gardens allows populations to grow exponentially. Lack of harsh winters also lets them survive and spread year to year.

Do wasps abandon their nests in Australia?

Most social wasps in Australia die out at the end of summer and autumn except for new queens who hibernate over winter. In warmer climates, some nests may survive winter if sufficient insulation and sustenance stores exist. These are often abandoned if they weaken or the structure is damaged.

What is the best repellent for wasps?

Insect repellent sprays containing DEET or picaridin tend to be most effective against them. Citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, mint oil, and wormwood oil also repel them for a short period of time. Products with these ingredients should be reapplied every few hours for ongoing repellency.

What attracts wasps the most?

They are most attracted to sugars and proteins. Human foods like ripe fruit, fruit juices, beer, soft drinks, canned meats, fish, baked goods, ice cream, and candy can lure them in swarms during warmer months. They also gather around trash cans.

Are wasps seasonal in Australia?

Yes, they are most active in Australia during the warmer summer and early autumn months from December to May when populations peak. However, mild localised climates allow some of them to be a problem year-round in certain areas like Victoria. Activity declines in the winter as they die off.

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