Spider Control

Effective Treatments For Spiders in Melbourne

Spider Control

Looking for reliable spider control in Melbourne, Victoria?

Spider can be scary and creep into our homes searching for food and shelter. Some have nasty bites that make people sick. Getting rid of spiders takes special skills and products that are safe for families.

Our company has experts who understand spiders. We safely get rid of spider nests and webs in homes and businesses. We use special treatments that stop them but won’t hurt pets or kids.

After we treat your home, we come back to check that all the spiders are gone. We can also give you tips to keep them out of your house.

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Why Are Spiders Considered Pests?

Australia has some of the world’s most poisonous spiders, but most types found in Melbourne homes are not dangerous to humans. They can actually be helpful predators that feed on flies, moths, cockroaches, and mosquitoes that also invade our houses.

However, nobody wants to see them crawling on floors and walls or find messy webs filled with dead insects in their living spaces. Spider webs collecting dust and dirt in corners of rooms is unsightly and unhygienic. Even if they catch other invading bugs, people consider them creepy pests and want to remove infestations.

Additionally, black house and white-tailed spider can give painful bites leading to illness, allergic reactions, or more severe medical issues. Eggs and droppings in corners of rooms are also signs of infestations. All these reasons are why we view their invasions as serious pest problems needing immediate spider control and removal, even if many of their species don’t pose direct danger.

Signs Of Spider Infestation

Signs Of Spider Infestation

How can you tell if spider has invaded your home? They often hide, so you may not see them even if there are lots around. But there are clear clues they have moved in:

  • Cob webs in corners of rooms or ceilings
  • Spider egg sacs in hidden areas
  • Seeing way more flies and other insects they eat
  • Small black spider droppings building up in corners

How We Treat Spiders

If spiders have invaded your home or business, our pest control team can help get rid of them. We use a thorough 3-step treatment process:

1. Inspection

First, our technician will inspect everywhere in your property to find all webs, eggs, entry points, and hiding spots. This lets us know what kinds of spider you have and how serious the invasion is.

2. Treatment

Next, we get to work removing webs and applying customized pesticides to kill them indoors and seal out outdoors from getting back in. Our chemical products are safe for families when applied correctly.

3. Follow Up

Once treatments are done, we’ll come back to double check no spider is left behind. If any remain, we’ll treat again until they are fully removed.

Our spider control treatment aims to both destroy current infestations and provide ongoing protection from future invasions.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and assessment on removing your spider problem for good!

How To Prevent Spiders | Pro Tips

Along with professional spider treatments, there are steps you can take to make your home less inviting to them:

  • Vacuum and eliminate dust, clutter, and food crumbs regularly
  • Seal cracks and gaps where they enter from outside
  • Place citrus peels, garlic, eucalyptus, lavender or cedar in corners, indoor plants, and window sills to repel them
  • Use lemon-scented cleaners and candles
  • Install bright lights outside to keep bugs that attract them away
  • Move woodpiles, vegetation and garbage bins far from your house and suburban garden
  • Fix any water leaks they might crawl up to right away
  • Get a cat – cats chase and eat them

It takes diligence to spider-proof your house. But combining these deterrents with our professional pest control services will clear out current infestations and help ensure they stay out for good!

Common Spider Species Found In Melbourne

Common Spider Species

There are over 10,000 types of spiders across Australia, and many call Melbourne home. These are some of the most common we find invading Melbourne households and businesses:

  • Wolf Spider (Lycosa spp) – Large and hairy without webs that hunt other insects. Have toxic venom but rarely bite humans.
  • Black House Spider (Badumna insignis) – Medium sized dark brown robust spider with charcoal grey abdomen and black legs that spin messy webs inside buildings. Their bite is painful and poisonous but not deadly.
  • Huntsman Spider (family Sparassidae) – Big messy web builders with long legs and fat bodies. Their bites cause mild pain but aren’t lethal.
  • White-Tail Spider (Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina) – Poisonous spider with red/grey cigar-shaped bodies and banded orange legs. Bites can make people quite ill.


Are spiders a problem in Melbourne?

Yes, Melbourne’s mild climate allows many species of spider to thrive all year long. Highly venomous spiders like white-tails and redbacks are common around Melbourne homes. Even some with less toxic spider bites can invade in large numbers seasonally.

How much does spider control cost?

Our pest control company charges $150 for interior treatment for a standard single-family house, with additional fees for larger commercial properties. This includes an inspection, interior web and nest removal, eco-friendly spray treatments, and a follow up visit.

What time of year are spiders most active in Melbourne?

Spider activity and infestations peak in Melbourne’s warmer months from December to April. But webbing spiders can be a problem year-round here. Their numbers will rise and fall with the seasons, but established nests inside can breed all year.

What scents do spiders hate?

They have sensitive scent receptors in their legs to detect smells instead of noses. Strong lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, tea tree oil, and cinnamon oil scents repel them. They avoid these powerful aromatic smells.

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