A Complete Guide to Pest Control Pricing

Understanding the Different Pricing

Does the sight of cockroaches, spiders, or rodents give you the creeps?

Do you have any idea how much it cost to get rid of these pests?

It’s hard to say an exact number as costs for professional pest control service.

It depends on many factors from type and size of residence to the level of infestation.

This article covers everything you need to know about pest control pricing.

We’ll do our best in helping you better understand all aspects related to effective pest control.

Average Cost of Pest Control Service

The cost guide of a pest control services and products mainly varies based on the size and type of pest to treat. Plus, other contributing factors such as the level of infestation. A basic terrace home with occasional insect problems normally requires about two service visits per year. This is with each visit costing about $ 150-250 dollars. On the other hand, getting rid of more serious outbreaks at large structures may require extra measures. This is with higher costs ranging between $600- 2,500 or even more in some cases.

Pest Control Service Cost by Pest Type


Cockroaches are drawn to food, warmth, and wetness. Treating this pest infestation requires intensive cleaning. Plus, interior and exterior treatments to remove and prevent future recurrences. Normally two or three visits. An eye-watering cockroach removal job usually costs about $300-400 per visit for residential properties. Also, around $500-750 for a large commercial site.


Ants are opportunistic foragers that swarm in large numbers when they find something to eat. Treating them requires specialised solutions including insecticides, baiting, dusting, and mowing. As such, getting rid of ants on residential properties normally comes with an cost of $200-350 per visit. While anti-ant jobs at commercial sites may range between $ 400-650 depending on the size.


The cost of a flea treatment in Melbourne typically ranges from $50 to over $150, depending on the size of the area and the type of service required. Some companies offer packages that include both indoor and outdoor treatments often for less than they charge for each individually. Pricing may also vary based on additional requirements such as followup visits or spot treatments.


Spiders weave webs all over your home and business and they also reproduce quickly. Restoring the area to its original state requires a combination of sprays, dust, and other materials. Professional extermination jobs for spiders on residential properties usually cost around $100-250 per visit. Whereas commercial sites may amount to $300-400 for more complex interventions.


These creatures breed out of control and they are not good for your health. Especially at home. Rodent infestations require pest inspection, trapping, exclusion, proofing, and possible bait treatments. Getting rid of rodents in residential settings normally costs around $200-450 per visit. While rodent extermination jobs for commercial sites may amount to $400-700 depending on the complexity.


Silverfish are dangerous household pests that take refuge in crevices, cracks, attics, and wall cavities. Treatment of silverfish requires baiting, glue boards, and habitat modifications such as improved ventilation and reduced humidity. On average, a homeowner may spend about $200-400 per visit to rid of these critters. While businesses normally range between $300-500 per treatment depending on the number of infestations.

Bees and Wasps

Wasps are social insects and they love to build their nest around properties. To remove wasp infestations, experts use sugar water solutions, traps, and pest solutions. By contrast, bees usually need relocation as they produce resources for our environment. The cost to get rid of bees and in residential settings ranges from $200-400 per visit. A bee extermination job in commercial buildings may amount from $300-600. It depends on the level of complexity.


Termite infestation can be destructive if remain untreated over time. The eradication process involves pest inspection, soil treatments, removal of infested wood, timber replacement steps, and repairs to stop future recurrences. Getting rid of termites on residential properties usually ranges between $500-1,000 per visit. Termite barrier for commercial sites normally comes with an average price ranging between $700-2,500. It depends on the size of the treatment area required.

Factors that Affect Pest Control Pricing

Type of Service

Depending on the type of service, professionals use a variety of methods. It includes traps, fumigation, baiting, and chemical spray treatments to get rid of them. For example, ant or cockroach infestations require professional solutions and baits while bees or wasps may need humane relocation. Rodent infestations may call for placing traps, and sealing points of entry or exclusion devices. Termite control involves soil treatment with solutions. Plus, some timber replacement steps. All these measures come with different costs depending on the size of the job required by each case.

Type of Property

When it comes to the cost of interior and exterior pest control treatment, it plays a big role. Generally speaking, residential homes are less expensive to treat. Most infestations only require two or three service visits also spaces tend to be smaller. By contrast, buildings require more intensive treatment owing to their size and large scale of infestations. Hence, higher costs.

Type of Treatment

The type of treatment you want to get will influence your budget too. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly yet effective method then opt for traps. Rather than chemical spray treatment services as these tend to attract fewer problems over time. But they may not be suitable in severe cases. At the end of the day, all methods used by pest technicians should conform with existing standard procedures.

Type of Pest

The types of pest is another factor determining the cost of treatment. Smaller pests such as cockroaches or ants are easier to eliminate due to their size. But larger tricky critters like rodents or silverfish may require more intensive methods for effective control. Also, some nuisance species such as termites are considered a bigger threat than others. Their structural damage can destroy wood structures and cause thousands of dollars in repairs if remain untreated.

Level of Infestation

The level or intensity of infestation plays a big role in pest control pricing too. A small-scale problem usually requires fewer service visits and pest treatments costing around $ 150-300 for residential properties. Whereas major outbreaks on large buildings may need three to four visits. Pest control prices ranging between $ 400-2,500 depending on complexity. Plus, repair jobs afterward.

DIY Pest Control vs. Hiring a Professional Pest Control Services

DIY pest control is always an option, especially if you only have a small-scale problem. However, most of the time it’s best to hire a pest control company for larger-scale infestations. Even when dealing with damaging pests. Licensed pest control experts not only use the right products. But also their experience and knowledge help them identify which solutions work best for your particular situation. It saves you time, effort, and ultimately money in the long run.


How do I know if I have a serious infestation situation?

Intensive infestations result from common early warning signs. Some of this are unusual odours, trails along walls, hearing noise, or spoilage of food products. If you notice any of these then it’s best to contact a professional for inspection and assessment.

How can I prevent pest infestations?

Prevention is the best way to tackle any pest. Start by keeping food scraps away from your living area. Then repair leaking roofs, drainage systems, or pipes. Also, regularly clean your home and business.

I heard there’s a DIY pest control kit on the market. Is this enough to get rid of my infestation problem?

To some extent yes, depending on the type and level of infestation that you have. As an example, small-scale cockroach or ant problems can be solved with home solutions.


In conclusion, the cost of pest control products and services depends on many factors.

DIY solutions are useful for small problems.

But many times it’s best to hire a professional pest controller.

As they can identify which solutions work best for your particular situation.

Prices may vary depending on the common type of service in question.

Plus, the intensity of infestation and specialised treatments involved.

All in all, being informed about common pests, prevention tips, and costs are important to make better decisions.