How Often Do I Need Pest Control?

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done On Your Home?

How Often Do I Need Pest Control

Dealing with pests in your home can be super frustrating. You do your best to keep things clean and tidy, but those little critters always seem to find a way inside. I totally get it! No one wants to live with ants crawling on their countertops or cockroaches scuttling around their kitchen in the middle of the night. The big question is, how often should you call in the pros for pest control services? Let’s break it down.

Answer: It Really Depends…

I wish I could give you a simple, straightforward answer, but the truth is it really depends on a few factors. Things like:

  • Where you live – Pests are way more common in some areas than others. If you’re in an urban area or the deep south, you’ll probably need more frequent treatments than someone living in a drier climate.
  • Age of your home – Older homes tend to have more gaps and cracks for pests to sneak through. A newer build may need less frequent pest control.
  • Type of pests – Certain pests are more stubborn than others. Termites, bed bugs, and roaches often require more intensive treatments than, say, ants or spiders.
  • Current infestation level – Are you starting with a heavy infestation or just trying to keep things at bay? The worse it is, the more often you’ll need the pros to come out.

So as you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. But let’s go through some general guidelines based on the type of critter you’re dealing with.


For minor ant problems, having a pest control company treat both the inside and outside of your home every 3 months should do the trick. If you have an excessive ant problem (like multiple colonies or carpets of ants), you may need more frequent visits to get things under control. Then you can back down to quarterly maintenance.


These nasty bugs require more intensive treatments. Start by having a pest control technician treat inside and out once a month for 3-6 months depending on the severity of your infestation. Then back down to quarterly or every other month to make sure they don’t return. Be sure to fix any water leaks and food messes that could be attracting roaches too.


Spider treatments don’t need to be as frequent as ants or roaches. A thorough interior and exterior treatment twice a year is usually enough to keep webs at bay. Of course, sealing up their points of entry helps too.

Termites & Other Wood Destroyers

For any signs of termites or other wood-damaging pests, contact a pest control company ASAP! Full termite treatments are involved. After the initial treatment, maintenence visits every 3 months are needed to prevent future damage. Don’t put this one off!

Fleas & Ticks

If your pets are bringing fleas and ticks inside, you likely need treatments every 1-3 months during warm seasons when these pests are most active. Your pest control technician can recommend a schedule based on the severity of your problem. Don’t forget to treat your yard and pets too!

And while we’re talking about seasons. Scheduling pest control service calls before peak pest seasons is smart. Be proactive! Call to schedule spring treatments in early spring before ants get out of hand. Schedule fall service before cooler weather drives roaches indoors. A good pest control company will work with you to fit your needs and budget.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Another common question is how long will a pest control treatment last? That depends on the product used and the type of pest. With indoor spray treatments, you can expect 3-6 months of protection. Outdoor barrier treatments tend to last longer. Up to 1 year in some cases – it all depends on what’s on the label. But regardless of product longevity, pests can eventually find ways back in if entry points aren’t sealed up.

Frequency also depends on the warranty or service plan you choose. Many companies offer quarterly or annual pest control service agreements. They’ll come treat on a regular schedule for one flat fee, ensuring you stay protected all year long. It’s very convenient!


How long does pest control last?

Depends on product but typically indoor sprays = 3-6 months protection. Outdoor barrier treatments can last 6-12 months. But sealing entry points is important regardless.

How often do you need pest control?

There’s no definitive answer, it really depends on your location, home, pest type and severity of your issues. The key is keeping up with treatments on a consistent schedule, not just a one-time fix.

How long will pest control take?

The initial visit may take 1-3 hours for inspection, treatment and recommendations. Follow up maintenance visits are quicker.

How long are warranties offered by pest control companies?

It varies, but most pest control companies offer 30-90 day warranties on their work. This means they will come back out for free if issues persist. Depending on your location the warranty could be longer. For example, some companies in Brisbane have a limited 12 month warranty.

How much does pest control cost?

Costs range from $50 – $150 per treatment visit on average depending on the size of your home, type of pests, and your location. Companies offer discounts for regular maintenance plans.

Ready to Get Started?

Hope this gives you a better idea of the factors involved and frequency needed for professional pest control services. The takeaway is that consistency is key. Working with your pest management company to keep treatments on a regular schedule will go a long way in keeping pests under control and creating a pest-free environment.

If you’re dealing with any of the pests we talked about and need help reducing your creepy-crawly encounters, don’t hesitate to give a professional pest control company a call! They can assess your home, recommend a customized plan, and get to work quickly so you can breathe easy.